27 July 2006

Guest Room #3

Anyone who knows me well knows that, despite my longterm boycott of Walmart, I have a soft spot for another big box store... Target...ahhhh bliss! Target brings contemporary designer pieces down to the place where my pocketbook can handle them. My house is full of linens and accessories from the Modern Home and Global Bazaar collections.

So, when the guest room needed snappy new linens I headed down to Target. Not once, not twice, but three times. In the harsh flourescent lighting of the store I have a hard time telling which colors will work with what I want to do. So, as my dear friend Stacey taught me, I buy all of the options, take them home, look at them under natural light in the real room, and then make my selections. Thank goodness for Target's return policy!

I also wanted to include in the room this old green wool blanket that I got from my Grandma Shirk's sale, a fluffy white duvet cover that Stacey gave me, the green bird coat rack that I loved at Anthropology and the three watercolors that I brought back with me from Ecuador. Now I just have to figure out how to put this altogether in the room.

P.S. To be used correctly, "Target" must be pronounced in the manner of the French.

1 comment:

Ryan L Freed said...

Nice stuff! Now I just want to see the room completed!

- Kris