01 August 2006

Guest Room #4

Although there are still things that I would like to do to "finish" the guest room, I'm calling it quits for now so I can work on other (fun) projects. It's already had two different sets of guests use it so I'm going to say it is done for now. I like the way the wall color and bed linens turned out. I also like the fact that I spent very little money decorating the room.

I reused some old canvases to paint a colorful design to hang on the walls. I'm not entirely pleased with them so I may keep my eye out for a different art solution. I reused the old lamps that I had in the room by painting the shades with the wall color and gluing on some trim. They look pretty good when the light is turned off, but when it is turned on you can tell that I applied the paint unevenly. Oh well.

There are a few things I would like to do eventually: 1) paint the little side cabinet fronts white to match the walls and maybe put glass knobs on it like the old dresser, 2) paint the floors, but I resisted because Nate is convinced we'll strip the old fir floors eventually, 3) buy an easy chair or two to sit in the corner so guests can read and relax in their own space.

I found that West Elm had a neutral all-wool rug on sale so I snatched up one for the guest room. I like it so much that I might move it down to the living room where we desperately need a new rug (old sisal rug + food + spilled drinks + dirty dog feet = yucky). The dogs happen to really like the new rug as well. Here's a snap of the Crotch Biter and the OCD Dog at rest.

On to my other fun summer projects: sewing some flirty skirts, designing and planting some new garden beds, making some jewelry, framing some prints....oh my, the list keeps growing and the amount of available "free" summer keeps dwindling!

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Ryan L Freed said...

looks really good!