10 July 2006

Guest Room

Currently I am trying to finish up the guest room (since we have guests coming next week). I want it to be bright and airy and summery and oh so welcoming. Here's what the room looked like when we moved into the house:

We promptly ripped out the brown shag carpet and took down the nasty brown venetian blinds. We put a bed in there (where we slept during the Never-Ending Bedroom project). And pretty much that was it.

This spring I was inspired to take some paint to it. I was stuck for color inspiration until I found this greeting card by Stephanie Dyment. I love the cool blue-green with the golden yellow and the shot of red. So, I settled on a blue-green paint for the room. My friend Stacey had a gallon of leftover soft aqua paint that I mixed with some left over Metro paint to make the right shade for the walls. I also painted all the paneling bright white. This week I'm finishing up painting trim (because I hate painting trim and procrastinate on it whenever possible). I'm also on the search for the Perfect linens and accessories to make it feel like a welcoming nest. Stay tuned for details and multiple trips to Target.


Cowells said...

groovy card. can't wait to see photos of the room when finished.

oldtownboys said...

I'm impressed with your site, very nice graphics!