06 July 2006

Inspiration Point

There's another Bee's Nest out there on the web and she is fabulously creative with fabric. I love this little baby kimono. Bee's Nest has the pant's pattern on her site and the kimono pattern comes from Martha. How cute! I have other projects in line to do first this summer....Could I make an outfit for Glory before she'd be out of newborn size?


Ryan L Freed said...

Sorry, I didn't check this earlier. Ummmm...she's getting pretty long. I think she'll be ready for the next size in a month or so. Do what you will with that knowledge. :) - Kris

bee said...

Hi! I just noticed your post. I am working on another one of these outfits for my niece. And I still have one more to make after that. I come check your blog regularly and love it that I have found someone else who does upholstery! I just finished two chairs that I need to post.