11 August 2006

Currently Obsessing Over

This dress from Boden has been hanging out in my head ever since I saw it linked from Posie Gets Cozy a week or two ago. Since I'm not about to spend that much money on a dress, I'm thinking I could possibly try my newly rediscovered sewing ability/disability to make my own. I think it's a take on the Duro Olowu dress that is, so I've learned through the internets, the Hottest Thing in fashion right now. I don't give a rip about that, I just think it is pretty and might actually look good on my figure.


Ryan L Freed said...

Very pretty...and I do think it would work well with your figure. I looked and your links and didn't like any of the others I say nearly as well as this dress. It's really beautiful.


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Deb said...

Hey, sis!
Welcome to blogger land! I can't remember my xanga password so I can't comment on your blog. Maybe I'll have to create a new xanga password.

Love ya,