10 August 2006

Summer Party, Part 2

The food turned out wonderfully, the table was dressed smashingly, and it wasn't too much work. Stacey helped out with a lot of the cooking, and I always enjoy cooking so much more when it's shared with someone else. Giada's food got rave reviews from our co-workers. Here are a few pictures....In another life maybe I could learn to be a food stylist :)

All in all, I am feeling much too Martha Stewart-ish! I must go play in the dirt and ride my bike this weekend to fend off the 50's housewife blahs. Maybe, just maybe, it's good that back-to-school in-services start in 11 days.


Ryan L Freed said...

wow! beautiful! looks really good, esp. since I'm hungry. :)

Ryan L Freed said...

it keeps looking like ryan's commenting and it's really me, sorry.


Stacey said...

Lunch was delish (as gradnma would say)! Those beans were by far the best ever, pass that recipe around. On your comments, I chuckle everytime I see ryan Ifreed.. his facial expression is hilarious:)