03 January 2007

Super Secret Christmas Project #3

Well, this one wasn't as Super Secret. Most of my friends know that I occasionally whip out a few pieces of beaded jewelry. This year Stacey and I decided to make a couple of pieces for our hard-working educational assistants and co-workers. (Oh, if you don't know who Stacey is, she is my long-suffering sidekick, fellow learning specialist, neighbor and friend. During the school year we work within feet of each other and end up hanging out on evenings and weekends too.) Surprisingly, we found some pretty good looking beads at Michaels and supplimented that from my stash of beads and stones here at home.

Here's a bracelet we made with beads from Michael's. It's nice and flat so it doesn't get in you're way when you're typing or writing. Perfect for the school psychologist.

Another bracelet made with some beads from my glass artist friend, Jenny, who lives in Indiana. She used to give me all of her "wonky" beads--the rough drafts, the ones she thought should be thrown out. Now when Jenny sends me beads they are perfectly round and so beautiful that I just let them sit on my desk so I can admire their smooth, cool beauty. Anyways, back to the bracelet. This eclectic mix was just right for the speech pathologist.

Then these clear and amber beads from Michael's were perfect for earrings. We cranked out quite a few pairs of these so if you are one of the recipients I hope you are not disappointed to learn your earrings are not one-of-a-kind. I hope I remembered to keep a pair of these for myself instead of giving them all away since I like clean, simple designs.

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