01 January 2007

Super Secret Christmas Project #2

The Library Bag Version 3.0

I had so much fun designing and picking out fabrics for these gifts for friends. I used some of the elements of the Covington bag that I had made before but made the bags big enough to hold some books, papers, or even pared-down baby gear. I picked bold Amy Butler fabric for the exteriors and then coordinating stripes or polka dots for the interiors. I know my friends pretty well, but I was a bit scared that I had gone too bold for a couple of them. Fortunately, they all proclaim to love the bags so I think it turned out ok.

Stacey :: Amy

Wendy :: Julie :: Sarah

P.S. I'm having problem taking good pictures these days. There have been few sunny times for taking photos so I've had to resort to using flash.....which I hate.

P.P.S. Sister, I plan to make us some bags someday soon. I haven't found the perfect RED fabric for the two of us, yet.


Kris said...

I really like them all, so if you can't find red....I'll be okay. :)

Amy said...

I do love my bag and have used it pretty much every day since I got it.


P.S. -- I re-posted the blog entry -- this time with the Martha Stewart Crap-ft project photo.

Sarah said...

I'm pretty sure nobody was joking that they liked their bag. They are gorgeous!!! I need to get out my sewing maching and try my hand at purses, where did you get the pattern?

Kris said...

Yes, those bags are beautiful!! What a treat to receive one of those!

Deb said...

I invented my own pattern because I sort of knew what I wanted. There are a lot of really good patterns out there though. I really like Amy Butler's style: http://www.amybutlerdesign.com/products/patterns_top.php