23 April 2007

Work in Progress: Spring Dress

Oh dear! I'm not sure what possessed me to start this project. Honestly, I've never sewn a dress for myself that I've liked. Most of my dress making was back in high school in the days of culottes (egads!).

The last dress I remember making was a hideous yellow dress for a cousin's wedding. I was supposed to help serve at the reception and I was supposed to wear yellow. I couldn't find a yellow dress to buy anywhere and I don't really like yellow anyway so I didn't want to put out a lot of money. So I bought some cheap yellow gingham and sewed what was supposed to be a sweet little summer dress but ended up looking sort of trampy and too-tight in bad places. And I wore it anyways because I had no other option. And then I took it home and tore it into cleaning rags. And swore I'd never sew another dress.

And here I am....Maybe 33 is a good age to actually learn to sew clothing. And if not....I sure could use some more cleaning rags.


Kris said...

May you have peace and perseverance as you sew. :)

Cottonista said...

What a great looking pattern and fabric! You did an excellent job of finding material to fit the pattern. (Read--this is NOT your grandma's homemade dress.) I know you can do it. Dresses are so much fun to make, and the more you sew them, the better you get. You'll have to post the finished project so we can all drool.