05 June 2007

Baby Gifts

It seems we are in the target demographic for reproduction right now. In the last month we went to three baby showers. So I decided to try my hand at making some baby gifts.


First of all I made some of Heather's Bitty Baby Booties. These were super fun to make and the result was cuter than my photos show. As usual, I was making things at the last minute--like the night before the baby shower--so I don't have pictures of the first set of baby shoes I made. They were for an unborn little girl. I made her one pair of "girly" yellow slippers with red cherries appliqued on them and then I made her a "grrrl" pair of red sneakers. The picture shows a pair I made for friends who are into cycling. We bought the locally-designed onesy from Presents of Mind on Hawthorne.


Then I decided to try my hand at decorating some onesies myself. (Is that how you spell "onesy"? It is such an odd little word.) I cut out some shapes inspired by these Boden t-shirts and ironed them on with craft iron-on paper. Then I straight stitched around the edges. I was going to zigzag but my zigzag stitch was acting up so I gave up on it. I expect that the edges will probably fray as they are worn and washed, but since they are worn for 3 months or less, I guess that's ok.


Anybody else have good ideas for creative baby gifts? I think there are probably a few more baby showers in our near future. (Oh, and let me clarify, it will be us GIVING baby gifts, not receiving them.)


Kris said...

Very cute! You could probably make some stings of beads or buttons for the babies to look at and play with, though you'd have to make sure that the sting wouldn't come undone.

love - Kris

Kris said...

What's with me and "stings"?

Deb said...

Kris, Maybe the "bee's nest" got stuck in your head in some strange Freudian way and now you are playing with stings instead of strings.
Love ya, sis!

Sofia Barao said...

Hi Deb,
thank you so much for your comment on my blog, yes I have some wonderful adresses for you but just let me some days and I'll get back to you with them. My computer broke because of a huge storm and now I lost all my outlook adresses and emails :( but I'll get back to you as soon as I get everything in order :)