03 June 2007

My "Studio", Part II


The studio is finally looking like a creative playspace instead of a toxic waste dump. The Wise and Bearded One kindly installed shelving and brackets from Home Depot along the one side wall. It's not a sexy solution but it was the cheapest, strongest one---less than $50. As you can see, we have a lot of IKEA organizing boxes. We'd probably have even more, except the Portland IKEA doesn't open until this July (YAY!). I had this old IKEA rectangular paper lamp that was looking pretty beat up so I tookit apart and made it a new shade out of some bright summery fabric. It only puts off a little bit of light but it helps out when I'm ironing at night.

(Pictures go in order from right to left)


The square boxes that have fabric in them are actually IKEA c.d. boxes that I re-purposed when Nate reorganized our c.d. collection. The rolling cabinet, I picked up off of Craigslist for a song about a year ago. I just used some acrylic craft paint to give it a cheerful face.

One thing I really don't like is the floor. It has scuffed up old brown paint. I wanted to paint it a darker color with a fun pattern like this, but Nate's convinced he wants to strip and refinish the wood some day. Since this room will likely be our master bedroom once we add a bathroom upstairs, I guess I can live with a nasty brown floor for a while.


Nate installed two "idea boards" for me on both sides of the window. The are homosote boards that I covered with linen. I snagged the sewing machine cabinet for free at a Neighborhood Cleanup the other week. It actually has a fully-functional old HEAVY sewing machine in it. I sewed with it a little bit but since it came sans instructional manual, I can't figure out how to do much on it besides straight stitches.

I needed more light over the sewing machine at night so I got these three at Cost Plus/World Market. Only one actually has a bulb in it, since I am severely limited in the number of electrical sockets in this old house. In the center of the room is my work table. I picked it up at IKEA a couple of years ago. I like that the height can be adjusted.

Now that the craft space is a little more organized, I hope to make better use of it. But, that might have to wait a couple of more weeks until school is out.



Kris said...

Way to go! I does look better, but it mostly looks much more user friendly. Have fun!

Margie in Oakland said...

Great job on the studio-so creative in design and so budget friendly. It reminds me that you really can make a space work with the things you already have or with cheaper cool stuff. Very inspiring. And, I love the cool baby stuff you made, impressive.

Deb said...

Kris, it really does look a lot better. I'm not sure the pictures show it as well. I threw out several bags of trash but I don't know that you can tell that from the pictures either :)

Margie, thanks for commenting on my blog.