02 July 2007

Wrapping Up Loose Ends

The last week has been about wrapping up loose ends....recovering from the hectic end of the school year and the lovely Couchfest while preparing for the next adventure. Several of my teacher friends decided that we need to take better advantage of our summer vacations and do some travelling so we're starting off with a couple of weeks in France. We've been planning it all spring so we're really excited. You can follow our adventures over here.

I had one project that I really wanted to get done before we left--Sarah's Art Quilt. Sarah asked me to make something for her new house way back when she moved in the fall. I promised to make her a little art quilt as long as I had No Deadlines. It's a good thing that I didn't promise her any set time frame because I made this in fits and starts. I'd do a step and then doubt that I liked it and where it was going so I'd set it down for a while. A couple of days/weeks later I'd come back to it and work on it a little more.

Here's what I like about it:
--the Brown County colors
--the off-square shapes
--the binding--my first attempt at binding a quilt and it went pretty easily; I followed Heather's instructions

Here's what I don't like about it:
--the frayed edges on the blocks-- I wish I would have gone ahead and pieced it right
--the puckery machine quilting--after doing some more reading, I realized that you're supposed to drop down the feed dogs on the sewing machine when quilting

I hope my dearest friend Sarah loves it and that when she sees it she is reminded of my love for her and her family.

I hope the rest of you (the few, the crafty) are having a lovely summer.

Au Revior! I'll see you in a couple of weeks with lots of fun ideas from France.


Kris said...

I like it! I'll take one...maybe whenever we move into our next house. :)

Roxane said...

So that's hoe you keep machine quilting from puckering. Maybe on the next quilt I make for one of our kids in the next 5-10 years I'll remember that.

btw Deb, in answer to your question from eons ago. I would love to come to Oregon sometime and then go on up into northern Idaho to see my relatives there, but honestly, I have no idea when that could work. So we'll see I guess.

Roxane said...

We are driving to IN. We are planning to leave here the 5th or 6th of August.

Cottonista said...

OK. Time to come back and inspire us, Deb! (July 27)