15 August 2007


Today is one of those rare days where I could stay in my pajamas all day and no one would know. I'm not doing that, but I treasure knowing that I could if I wanted to.

I have been making and doing and being crafty despite no evidence of that on my blog. I'm having problems with uploading from the digital camera--and what's a craft blog with no photos?! Hopefully, I'll get the problem ironed out soon since I feel a bit handicapped without my digicam.

Here's an "invention" I put together shortly after we returned from France. Our two very active dogs have been a real pain to walk lately so I decided to take matters into my own hands---or, rather, OUT of my hands. I researched a couple of designs on-line but none of them impressed me so I just made my own hands-free dog-walker.

It's basically a belt made out of black nylon webbing, clips and buckles from Fabric Depot and the local Ace Hardware. The leashes click into buckles on the back side of the belt that are adjustable and allow me to shorten the leashes as much as needed to prevent hyper brown dogs from crossing right in front of me and making me stumble and collapse ungraciously to the pavement.

It works great for walking with them except that Abe is bigger and pulls harder than Keegan so sometimes he manages to pull the belt around to his side--I need to come up with some solution for that.

It doesn't work so great for jogging. I tried that the other day down the boulevard from Reed College. We were jogging along merrily when a squirrel was sighted and a dog zigged right in front of me. All three of us fell to the ground in a tangled pile of leashes and legs. Fortunately we were on grass so no one was hurt and only one bemused bystander saw us so my dignity remains mostly intact.

Off to walk the dogs. (Or am I actually staying in my pajamas and reading all day? You'll never know.)


Kris said...

You made me laugh and I think it's a great invention...hope you can work out the bugs soon. :)

the other kris said...

You're so creative, Deb. Somehow I don't think that would've worked well with Cole (at least the younger, more hyper version) but I bet it's awesome when you get it to work!!

andrew said...

Usually I don't get too excited about Beesnest posts (I'm just not into crafts and stuff like that) but I really like this post.

tabitha jane said...

how cute!!! you are so inventive! we got a dog . . . and he pulls on that leash like crazy! i think if i attached him to my hip, he'd just knock me over!

lsaspacey said...

You should get a patent for this immediately. It's a great idea and wouldn't it be horrible if someone stole this idea and made millions with it? I'm serious.