29 November 2007


I'm the crazy woman walking down the street with two large dogs attached to her waist. The clock on the Washington Mutual Bank says it is 9:31 at night and 32 degrees. I am humming "I'll Be Home for Christmas". A Lands End catalog came in the mail today with a cover that screamed "It's NOT TOO LATE to order your Christmas gifts and still have them arrive in time!" Crazy! It had better not be too late. I haven't done any Christmas shopping or crafting yet. I do have lots of Christmas projects already completed in my head. But that's where they'll have to remain for a just a bit longer. One more week until the graduate class I'm teaching at PSU is wrapped up. One more night working on a job application. One more day of crazy paperwork piled up at school.


JAM said...

Job application?!

JAM said...

Oh, is that the "administrative position" you mentioned elsewhere? I thought maybe you were pulling a fast one. You're not quite old enough for a midlife crisis, you know.

Amy said...

Hmm.. applying for another job and NOT TELLING YOUR FRIENDS WHO WORK WITH YOU?!!!!

Hmm. So, that's how it is.
I see.
Okay then.

Consider yourself in the doghouse!

kris g. said...

Wish it were a job app back in Indiana but I know we're not so lucky... :)