22 December 2007

The Best Laid Plans o' Mice and Men...

I had so many great ideas for hand-made gifts this year. And then reality struck as far as the actual available time I have had. Last week I had to wrap up my graduate class at PSU. This week we grocery shopped, cleaned the house, hosted a dinner party for friends, made Christmas gifts for my assistants and teacher friends at school, and celebrated our twelveth (yes, 12!) wedding anniversary. That didn't leave a lot of time for craftiness.

Each day, I mentally subtracted one or two planned projects off my list as Not-Gonna-Happen-in-Time-for-Christmas. I keep telling myself that it's ok. I want my creative projects to be relaxing and fun, not an added stressor. So today we bought a few gifts instead and tonight and tomorrow I'm going to play around at the sewing machine and see if I can whip anything else up. We have a little something for everyone and we were able to contribute to the Advent Conspiracy offering so I feel like I have met my goal to "Spend Less, Give More" and I did it without going to the mall or a big-box store. Overall, I am happy with what we've done for Christmas this year and I'm really excited to see our family in the heartland. The mega-cute little girl outfits that I imagined in my head will just have to stay there (in my head) but the real-life time playing with the little girls will be gift enough for me.

Joyeaux Noel!



Anonymous said...

Well, several of us here in the midwest have decided that if we have to stress over getting everything done for Christmas, we're missing the whole point, and are spoiling the true meaning of Christmas. And besides, getting together with our loved ones is indeed the best present we can give each other. So don't be expecting too much to carry home with you from this household. I am so looking forward to your time here!

Love, Mom/Mary

Stephanie Breuner said...

so, it's now the new year. i too met my goal of spend less, give more. i am also ready to dig into new projects of my own choosing (ie; for me rather than gifts for others) Any thoughts on crafting get-togethers as discussed after the DIY Craft Fair?