17 December 2007

Caped Canines

Here's sneak peek at some play capes that I stitched up for my nephews. I'm trusting that little boys have something better to do than surf the internet and spoil their Christmas prezzies.

Nate designed the felt logos for "Super D" and "Boisterous B". Since there were no small boys wandering about the house requesting to test drive the capes, I had to draft the doggies into modelling duty. Abraham was slightly more willing to pose with the cape. He at least can sit still for more than 2.83 seconds at a time. Keegan was annoyed by the way the cape got in her way as she tried to romp about the dining room. And, since her stub of a tail never quits wagging, there was this odd moving hump at the rear of the cape.

They both tried to lick the capes off of them, but eventually they resigned themselves to their fate as models and masked avengers and cuddled up on the rug together to gather their strength for their next super secret mission. I'd like to imagine that they were sad when the capes were taken off and their super-hero day came to an end (but I know they were just hoping they'd get treats for being good).


Ma said...

Lawdsamercy those boys will love those capes! LOL at the dogs!

Kris said...

Very cool logos and capes!

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious! Poor grandpups! But the Grandsons will love them!