20 January 2008


January always seems to be the month when I'm wanting to simplify. Maybe the excesses of the Christmas holidays bring that around. Maybe I'm subject to clever marketing for "organizational items". Maybe it's simply that the new year brings with it the desire to clear out what is old and stagnant and bring in new life. Whatever it is, Nate and I have been cleaning and re-arranging our office/studio space and I have things to give away.

If you see something here that you want, leave a comment. This is all under the assumption that someone out there still reads my blog and that someone will either want old craft books or know someone who might. Anyhow, if you see something you want, leave a message and I'll figure out a way to get it to you. First come, first served.

Simply Soldered by Carrie Edelmann Avery

TAKEN---7gypsies in Paris from Autumn Leaves

Jim Holtz Distressables

All of these books have sort of the same distressed, vintage asthetic. I like looking at them but they're not really "my style" a the moment.

Altered Art & Collage by Sue Giduck

TAKEN---Creative Correspondence by Michael & Judy Jacobs

Other items not pictured:
The Usborne Book of Calligraphy Projects
The Handmade Paper Book by Angela Ramsay


Anonymous said...

I feel like I just won something!! I don't live in Oregon, but I would pay you to mail two of these book via media mail. I would be interested in creative correspondence and 7 gypsies in Paris.


Deb said...

It's all yours, Heather!

Anonymous said...
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Roxane said...

I would take Jim Holtz Distressables, Altered Art & Collage by Sue Giduck and The Usborne Book of Calligraphy Projects if you still have them. If you don't mind hanging onto them we can just get them when we see you next.