03 February 2008

IKEA Hack: Dog Bed

It's not that artsy and it's not that crafty but here's what I sewed this week--a dog bed.

We have two large dogs--one of them incontinent. They had two beds but they always wanted to be in the same one. The solution: buy a cheap IKEA crib mattress (cheaper than the 4" foam at the local craft super-store and definitely cheaper than the giant dog beds at the pet store), cover it with a water-proof crib sheet and sew a cover out of leftover fabric. Viola! A dog bed large enough for two with a removable cover that can be easily washed.

Maybe they'll stay on their bed all night now instead of furtively sneaking over to sleep on the couch once we're in bed....


Anonymous said...

Wow! Very, very clever! My dogs live outside, but I have friends and family with inside dogs and this would be a great gift idea.

BTW...I made a bowl out of that really beautiful fabric you sent me. THANK YOU!!! (I'll try to post a photo in the next day or so on my blog so you can see your stash in action!)


Cottonista said...

Great idea!

I love your dogs. Are they kid-friendly?