11 May 2008

Dolly Blanket #2

Originally uploaded by ndmiller
Close up picture with puckers. Blast it all! I pinned it really well and everything. I think I'm going to sign up to take a machine quilting class....someday......


erica said...

I really love the dolly blankets! On the puckering - have you tried using a walking foot? There's a gal in my quilt class that machine quilts all of her quilts (even larger, bed-sized ones) on her Pfaff - amazing! I should ask her how!

Heard you guys stopped by - let's make a date for coffee or dinner soon for the 4 of us!

Anonymous said...

Well I think they are totally adorable!! And I don't know what puckers you are talking about. My guess is the little recipients won't either!

Deb said...

I think I need a walking foot, too. I tried to buy one but couldn't find a match for my cheap-o Singer. I think I'll have to upgrade at some point.

Erica, we DO need to get together soon. Sunday?

erica said...

Justin's parents are in town all weekend, the next wknd is our anniversary and we'll be at the beach. I hate to put it off this long but maybe June 1st? Also, I have your screen, just fyi.