11 May 2008

Dolly Blankets

Originally uploaded by ndmiller
I have a new nephew so, of course, I have to make some gifts. Except these are for his two older sisters, my darling nieces. I was just using up scraps from other projects and practicing my machine quilting. I really stink at the whole machine quilting thing. I'm sure part of it is my inexperience, but I'm also ready to blame some of the problems on my forty-dollar garage sale sewing machine.


Cottonista said...

Very cute blankets!

I don't think the problem is you or your machine. I just tried some machine quilting on a doll blanket for my niece too. It left me feeling like an idiot. And I have a Bernina.

My mother in law said I needed an even-feed foot.

Deb said...

OK, I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling like an idiot. I do think a walking foot would fix both of our problems. Of course, a Bernina would also help in my case :)