26 August 2008


Why didn't anybody tell me that this page looked hideous?! On my laptop the background was a soft yellow but on Nate's monitor it was neon lemon. Hideous, I tell you!

But then again, no one is probably looking at this blog since I haven't posted anything on it in forever. Mostly that's because the only creative thing I seem to be able to accomplish lately is making a baby. It's stealing all of my energy. Just in the last two or three days I've been starting to feel like I might be able to make it without having to take a nap, so maybe my energy is coming back and I'll be able to get crafty. I do have a lot of fun ideas that I'd like to tackle.

In the meantime, you can gaze at this picture of my 4 year-old niece as she sews her first stitches. My resourceful sister got the idea from this book. My niece loved sewing! We could barely keep her in thread.

Promising to make stuff and take pictures of stuff so that she doesn't slide into a life of work-sleep-work-sleep


Holli said...


I didn't realize you are "making a baby" and I'm thrilled to hear such wonderful news. Congratulations!


Erica said...

Well, I for one DO read your blog! (If for nothing else to use the links to the other crafty blogs I like...). I am imagining that your baby is going to have many wonderful crafty things waiting for him/her when he/she arrives!

Kathy Beachy said...

I also read your blog and i was just imaging the creative projects you will be working on for your little one.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations...making a baby is a lot of work!! I pretty much slept all the time while teaching and pregnant. Totally exhausting. I tell you what!

Good luck with your many baby projects. I'm sure you'll be getting more energy soon.