01 September 2008

Inspired and Acquired

Ok, so I still haven't actually made anything (unless you count these flowers that I made the other day). But I did buy the new Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones and I'm totally inspired to attempt to make some baby gifts and a few things for our own little one.

I also bought some all-natural organic fleece on Friday at Fabric Depot. It's expensive, so thank goodness Fabric Depot has those 30 and 40% off days. I bought some flannel and some "gender neutral" prints, whatever that means. So far I'm interpreting that to mean soft greens and pale yellows and black polka dots....hmmm... gender neutral is hard. I really like turquoise blues right now but I'm afraid it will look too "boy" if we end up with a girl. And I do SO HATE most of the "baby" prints in the fabric shop. Blech! Give me a hip, modern print any day.

I want to use the fleece to make this little snuggle blanket. And then maybe I'll attempt the baby bag or the crib set or, if I get really crazy, the changing table set.

This week, I hope my energy moves from "inspired" to actually "making" mode. If we can just get the school year off to a good start for all of my newby teachers, I can turn part of my brain from school work to fun home work :).

Oh, and I should mention that I'm also inspired by the Petit Collage art work used in the background in the orange photo below. I love simple, modern collage. It reminds me a little of two of my favorite illustrators: Eric Carle and Charley Harper. Maybe I'll try my hand at some collage work too.


Anonymous said...

I'm a girl who has liked turquoise and aqua blues for clothes for 40 years. Light aqua on walls with white trim reminds me of the sea and sea shore cottages.

Pink, pink, pink for baby girls can become tiring. Go for the blue if you like it. Baby won't care what the color choices are.

grandma Joy

RosyRose said...

hey deb- how are you? It sounds like you are getting ready for a change?! Awesome! you will make a great mom! Sounds like you are doing well, your the crafty queen huh? Excellent! Happy decorating! Rose

Deb said...

Hi Rose! Welcome to the blogosphere. Nate and I have another blog Barkdust (listed in the sidebar) if you want to see what we've been up to since we've been in Portland.