20 November 2008

Advent Conspiracy: DIY Fair (part 4)

Here's part of my table at the DIY Craft Fair. Last month, our Crafty Women group got together and made a bunch of natural bath and beauty products. Here's one of our products--yummy smelling and all neatly packaged in recycled and IKEA jars. And Stephanie had this sweet vintage table cloth that made my table look like I put a lot more thought into it than I actually had (thank you, Stephanie!).

Pardon the poor quality photos. I didn't have the energy to lug the good camera along with my bags of craftiness and 6-month preggers belly, so I just grabbed our little point-and-shoot.

Here's the recipe in case you want to try it yourself.

Basic Bath Salts


1 cup coarse or fine salt

1 cup Epsom salts

½ cup glycerin (or less? or olive or almond oil instead)

12-20 drops of essential oils

Optional: food coloring


Mix the salts and glycerin until well blended. Sprinkle essential oil (we like lavender and euc alyptus) and food coloring over top. Stir together. Transfer salts to glass jars and decorate.

-idea: include lavender or rosemary sprigs from the garden


Essential oils and glycerin can be purchased at health food stores in Portland like Limbo on SE 39th Avenue or in the wellness section at New Seasons. Epsom salts are available at most grocery and drug stores.


Cottonista said...

Great idea. Love the tablecloth.

Sarah said...

Love these ideas that even I can do. Thanks for sharing!!