14 November 2008

Crib Quilt Inspiration

Since I have this long-term Obsession with Quilts it should come as no surprise that lately my mind has been thinking about making a crib quilt for the Sprout (due in February).

Here are some of my favorites from Flickr.

-I do love them squares
-Vibrant colors
-White space to rest the eyes
-An element of random/organic
-Continued love of Denyse Schmidt, Nancy Crow and the Gees Bend quilters


Michelle said...

I like the bottom middle the best. She is a lucky lady to have a crafty mama.

simply me said...

Lovely quilts. Makes me want to get busy!

sewhappyjane said...

I love these! Every one is darling. Have you seen the Oh Fransson blog? She just listed and showed several modern baby quilts using colorful squares and white. They are gorgeous and the pattern is only $10 in her shop.

Deb said...

Welcome, sewhappyjane and simplyme! Thanks for the tip on the Oh Fransson blog! I hadn't seen that one before.