13 November 2008

Links for the Week

--Craftivism, using your crafty skills to help others. Mama to Mama has a project for making infant hats out of recycled t-shirts for babies in Haiti.
--More baby stuff that doesn't suck (I promise this isn't going to turn into a baby blog, but this IS what I've been thinking about lately): Unraveled's Growth Chart, Lena Corwin's painted baby dresser, Baby + Calendar photos, and Baby Avery's Aviary.
--I really, really love Liz Tran's paintings! Especially this series of trees. I want to paint happy little trees.
--Just for laughs, you really should click on this Fail Dog!


Cottonista said...

Happy little trees...might those be growing beside a happy little stream? They are very cute!

I love the baby hat link. I'll try to do some.

BTW, our church is promoting Advent Conspiracy this year! I'm so glad... I sent our pastor your link to their video, and he has been playing it....that might make you famous, you know. ( :

Kathy Beachy said...

As I read your blogs, I keep thinking that you will be one creative mom. You better get all your projects done because soon there will not be time!

Deb said...

Cottonista--I'm so excited that other churches are joining the Advent Conspiracy. I really hope we can provide safe drinking water throughout Africa. What better Christmas gift is there?

Kathy--I am feeling like I have to use my time and energy well since I know I will have less with a wee one. That worries me though, because I need to have creative time every week or I feel it in my soul. Pray for a happy, healthy, zen baby that leaves me time to be a happy, healthy mama :)