27 December 2008

Made: Cycling Caps

When we were in Arizona last spring, my nephew Seth took a liking to the Wise and Bearded One's cycling cap--a really nice handmade one from Shaun Deller. I decided to try to make Seth one for his birthday present this year (right before Christmas).

I bought two old suit coats at Goodwill and deconstructed them. I actually felt pretty awful doing this as they were both designer-label coats with lots of hand detailing on the inside. Someone had taken a lot of time to line and pad them just the right way. However, the cashmere that came from the one suit was heavenly to work with and certainly much cheaper than I could ever find it at the fabric store.

I found this pattern on line and I've made four of these caps so far. They went together relatively easily, but I'm not sure I'm in love with the pattern. My household cycling expert says it's too bulky to have all the seams meet at the top of the cap...that is, if you're going to wear it under a helmet. I somehow don't think my nephews are going to wear them under helmets, but nonetheless I'm on the lookout for a simpler 3-panel pattern. Apparently, the first one has already met the approval of its new owner. See evidence in this photo.

P.S. I just found a 3-panel pattern here. I'll have to try it out with my leftover wool & cashmere.


heather jane said...

These are darling!! I have a few nephews who would look rather dashing in hats like this...I'll have to give them a try.

I know what you mean about deconstructing nice clothing. It's hard sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Great hats!!! I would need ear flaps because they are what get cold for me. Because I have a bun hairdo the hat would need to be lined with a satin type fabric to keep hair from messing. Prehaps that's why the mennonite bonnet that my mom wore for dress was lined with a satin type fabric.