31 December 2008

Made: Freezer-Paper Printed Jersey Scarves

Ackkk! It's almost the new year and I haven't finished blogging about Christmas yet! In part, that's because I was waiting for all of my packages to get to their recipients. With the snowpocalypse here in P-town, it seems like the mail and UPS got very far behind. But hopefully all the packages have been delivered by now!

Remember my friend Stephanie's No-Sew Jersey Scarves? Well, I loved them so much and they seemed so simple so I bought a bunch of really soft jersey knit. I knew I wanted to embellish them in some way but couldn't figure out how I wanted to do it. I tried some free-motion sewing machine embroidery but...well, let's just say it was a complete and utter failure.

So I fell back on a tried and true method--freezer paper printing. I've been obsessing about the Lena Corwin Printing by Hand book so I was playing around with different printing ideas in my head. I printed a few with sort of an abstract pinwheel/snowflake design but I wasn't too happy with it.

I remembered some snappy dahlia prints I'd seen in Mary Englebreit's Home Companion a couple of months back. The dahlia print was just the thing I was looking for. But, oh, the aching back and the exacto-knife-finger! It's no fun to repeatedly cut out a detailed design. I had to come up with a different method before my hands turned into the gnarly knuckles of an old crone!

And then I had what is quite possibly my most brilliant thought in a very long time (obviously, I don't have many brilliant moments): I recalled elementary school arts and crafts and the wonders of the six-sided snowflake. I realized I could fold the freezer paper in 6ths just as you would to cut a snowflake and then I could cut my rounded dahlia petals with a small scissors in 6-licate. Yay! No more exacto-knife-finger!

I printed several different color ways. I can only find the photos of the blue on grey version drying on the crib (yes, a crib, be warned that blogging about about baby crap is in the near future). I wrapped up some of the scarves with the natural lip balms and other products the Crafty Women had made for "Cold Weather Survival Kits".


heather jane said...

You. Are. Brilliant! What a great idea!!! (both the doll kit and the snowflake method cutting.) I've recently become a freezer paper stencil addict and I can't wait to try this!!

amy said...

that was an awesome kit! also, is that crib from ikea?

Deb said...

Heather, freezer paper stencil addiction is REAL. Be very cautious :)
Amy, yup, that's the Gulliver crib from IKEA. I think it's a seriously great crib for the money! Sturdy, simple and meets European safety standards so it's all good.

heather said...

Very cute crib Deb. I love it. I can't wait to hear all about your baby through your blog. Watch out, before you know it you will be talking baby talk and everything!

Very cute cold weather kits. What does that include anyways?? :)

Thanks for your kind comments on the blog...I always love hearing from you. :)

Kathy Beachy said...

I saw Mary's scarf. Very nice.

Stephanie Breuner said...

those scarves turned out great! My scarves given as gifts remained unembellished, but I may have to embellish Ella's and mine now that I have seen your's.

Cottonista said...

You're right about the addiction. I'm planning my next stencil as I type. Cool scarves, and great gift packages! They show a lot of thought.