19 February 2009

Creative Baby Gifts

I'm trying to put most "baby" posts up on our family blog, but there are a couple of creative gifts we've been given that deserve to go on the crafty blog.

We received this package in the mail the other day from our family in Arizona. A snappy dress from my sister-in-law, Roxane. A blanket sewn by my nephew, Seth. Soft fabric blocks from my niece, Tara, and a flannel burp cloth from sweet Sharayah. I love how each person contributed a project at their skill level. And I think the orange and turquoise is nice and poppy!

Yay for creative kids!


Melissa said...

jim was not impressed with the color combo, but i thought it was great! (they brought it along on their last visit)

jackie_sch said...

it is so unique and i have here my Baby gifts to have you also and idea..thanks for sharing..