20 February 2009

Baby Shower Favors

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My creative friend and super-mama Michelle hosted a baby shower for me two weeks ago. It was a small group of friends, mostly from church, and I felt very loved. I don't have a lot of women friends here in Portland, but I treasure the ones I have.

Michelle's gift is planning and throwing parties. I thought the party favors were so creative and perfect for me and the Sprout:
-take-out boxes with chocolate
-a little candle to light when you pray for the Sprout
-a prayer card
-an origami crane, compliments of the talented Mr. Porter
There was also a small handmade album in which my women friends wrote encouraging notes for me. Very sweet.


Michelle said...

Awww..... I am so very glad you like them.

Mary A. Miller said...

I'd wondered who did the origami! (saw them on your flickr pics) Very nice, Mr. Porter! How creative, Michelle!