22 February 2009

More Freezer-Paper Printing

I love my group of Crafty Women that gets together one Sunday afternoon each month. Some months it's only 3 or 4 of us but that's ok with me. It's just a good time to encourage each other to live creatively and to try out different art and craft techniques.

This month our project-for-the-month fell through at the last minute so I took the supplies to do freezer-paper printing. I love how versatile this can be. Of course, since I have baby on the brain these days, the only thing I could think to print on was some more onesies. I stole the pea idea from Amy and I saw the "new" onesy on Etsy (I think) so I can't claim originality on either of these. I had some alphabet stickers that I used as the resist for the "new" print. It worked pretty well although the always-impatient-crafter ripped off the freezer paper and stickers before the paint was totally dry and there are some smudges. Oh well. That's how you know it was handmade, right?

And if you haven't tried freezer-paper printing you really should! There's a whole flickr group if you need inspiration or a tutorial.


heather jane said...

These are so cute!! I love freezer paper stencil...Thanks for the reminder. My nephew has a birthday coming up and this will be the perfect project!

Roxane said...

I have been admiring the freezer-paper painting on your blog. I'm wondering where you buy the freezer paper? I have checked all the local craft, grocery, bakeries and butcher shops with no success.

Sarah said...