22 February 2009

Work in Progress: Baby Burp Clothes

Ok, so I know cute burp clothes are not a necessity for a baby, but since she's not coming early and I've got the time, I decided to make a few so we can wipe up her puke in style. I think they would also make a great baby gift.

There are lots of tutorials on line so I'll link to my favorites:
--Homemade by Jill's Burp Cloth Tutorial makes shaped burp clothes out of flannel. I think this is the pattern that my niece Sharayah used.
--Make and Take's Burp Cloth uses a pre-fold diaper, pretty ribbon and hem tape. I made six of these but then I ran out of cute ribbon. These are very cute and maintain the largest surface area of absorbent "diaper". I used the pre-packaged polyester hem tape though and I hate how stiff and fake-feeling it is. I'll have to see how it holds up to multiple washings.
--Chickpea Sewing Studio also uses a pre-fold diaper and pretty fabric. Once I ran out of cutesy ribbon, I made half a dozen of these with scraps from the crib quilt that I'm making (hmm...I suppose I should post some pictures of that at some point).

So now we're ready to sop up baby puke in style.


Stretch Mark Mama said...

If I sewed, I'd make some of these:


Deb said...

Lisa, now I know what to make for you when your next little spitter arrives. :)

Cottonista said...

Very cute!! And now you will always know whose burp cloths are whose, a very nice side benefit.

I love the NEW onesie.

heather said...

Deb, You are nesting I do believe. Wow all those creative juices flowing. :) very cute Burp clothes.