17 March 2009


There will likely be a lull in the craftivity here for the next couple of weeks. We're over here busy tending to the Sprout.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share the Black Apple doll that my mom made for the Sprout while she was here. I apologize for the photo quality but the doll is precious and will be cherished. She needs a name. Any ideas out there?


Michelle said...

I LOVE her. She is wonderful.... what a perfect little doll for the sprout.
How about Rosie? Or Roxie? Or BeeBee?

Stretch Mark Mama said...

I say -- wait a bit and then choose one of the 5,000 nicknames you've given the Sprout, errr, I mean Silvie.

I am just learning about all the baby-doll-naming that comes with having little girls. It is like work! WORK, I tell you, WORK! (And then you have to remember them all!

Holli said...

Oh my goodness, she's darling. Silvie and she will be up to some great fun for years to come. She looks like an "Olive" to me.

Congrats again!

heather jane said...

Fiona. I think Silvie and Fiona would make a perfect pair.

Loving how much Silvie looks like you. The shape of her face...oh my goodness. She is precious.

Cottonista said...

Clarice...but it might just be the backdrop of lamb's wool talking to me...no wait, that's fur. Anyway, it's a very cute doll!

Sue said...

Don't you think she looks like Tressa?

Such a special thing for a Grandma to do!

heather said...

How about Suzy? Silvie & Suzy...what a great pair.

And then can your mom make one for my Suzy?

elle + josh said...

i was just thinking rosie, too! then i read the other comments & discovered that someone else had the same idea. i actually just discovered the pattern for these over on martha stewart's site. & i've also just recently made the "lazy days" skirt for our daughter heron. i just discovered your blog via amy fox's, & wanted to let you know that we're moving to portland in a few months! & i'd love to get together. i'll be starting classes at Oregon School of Art & Craft for fiber arts, then applying for the MFA program. see you soon!

--michelle (ramsdale) garrels