31 December 2008

Made: Doll-Making Kit

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Ok, so I didn't actually MAKE anything in this gift, but it was one of my favorite gifts to put together. When I was a kid, my mom would make doll clothes and all sorts of miniature items for my dolls. She has a pretty serious artistic streak herself, but sometimes she needs a little encouragement to get it out there.

I thought that now that she has almost-3 granddaughters and a grandson she might want to get crafty again. I bought the Softies book and then I printed out the Black Apple Doll Template and the Molly Monkey Pattern from the internets. I packaged them in a box with some yarn that will make perfect "hair" and some fabric scraps and bunch of felt that I picked up for cheap at the thrift store.

I am not-too-secretly hoping that my mom will make a dolly or two for the Sprout.


Holli said...

I LOVE this idea, Deb!! May borrow it for my own mom this coming year.


Deb said...

Holli, please borrow the idea! What's the point of a craft blog if we aren't all sharing our ideas !? :)