15 June 2009

Go Local: Meal #1

Whoosh! The last four weeks of the school year went by in a flash! I had to go back to work to keep our health insurance for the summer so the Wise and Bearded One stayed home with the Sprout for the four weeks and I worked my tail off back in the Very Litigious School District. (For those of you who are newer blog readers, I work for the director of special education coordinating programs in two high schools in a district-that-will-not-be-named.)

But now it is summer, summer, summer! And I can't wait to enjoy the sunshine, fabulous food, and time to be creative that summer brings. I'm taking up Heather's challenge (see post below) to make at least one meal every week with local ingredients. I feel a little sheepish doing this since I must confess that the Wise and Bearded One does most of the cooking around here. Maybe having to blog about it will get me to cook a little more.

Anyhow, here's our first Go Local meal. We decided to Go Local Extreme Style and make our first meal grown entirely on our property.

Eggs from our Urban Hens
One Square Foot Mesclun Mix
Yummy Extremely Local Salad

Yummy Extremely Local Salad
Bacon Bits
Salad Dressing
Local Salad with Benefits


Joy said...

That salad looks so good. Congratulations on doing it local. How cool!


heather jane said...

Awe-Some!! I love salads with benefits. I'm glad you survived your last 4 weeks of the school year. Now it's time to PLAY!!!

I'll be bugging you more about those hens you mentioned. I'm in the research phase right now...

Cottonista said...

Looks awesome! We love salad.

I've been wondering about your chickens. I think mine are about to start laying, or at least they had better be!