17 June 2009

Made: Terrariums

I've been on a terrarium kick lately. I keep seeing cool ones on the internets and in shops--I think it's yet another nod back to the 70s when terrariums were last en vogue.

So the other Sunday the Crafty Women got together and made terrariums. I love this one that Stephanie made with the little owls peeking out of it.

Terrariums are simple and satisfying to put together. The challenge is finding great glass containers for cheap (Goodwill) and tracking down some horticultural charcoal (Portland Nursery). It's a little hard to know how to water them initially. One of mine started growing mold--yikes! So I had to let them sit around for a couple of days with their tops off. But they're still alive so I'm hopeful for their on-going success.

Now I've got a little terrarium-building addiction! I am going to be hunting down more glass containers, looking for the perfect miniature plants, and foraging about for the lushest patches of moss. Oh, and I need to find some little critters to put in mine too....any idea where I could find a miniature garden gnome?

More terrarium inspiration and how-to's can be found here, here, and here. Oh, and you've got to see these Etsy sellers: Blithe Gardens, Made by Mavis, and Greenspot.

And then, go make one. Because, seriously, what's not to love about a miniature mossy green world?!


heather jane said...

I checked out the COOLEST book on this at the library. I'm so tempted by these little guys. The ONLY thing stopping me is the space to display them. With toddler hands around...options are limited. But seriously...I don't think I can resist this for a perfect summer project with the girlies. I even have moss growing outside.

Cottonista said...

How cool!! That looks like something I would do. I've been eyeing some moss outside, wondering how I could bring it indoors. And I've got dozens of little ceramic animals, one free in each box of delicious Red Rose tea.

Melissa said...

fun!!!! ooh i wanna try one!

i have to say that, although ten thousand villages doesn't sell miniature garden gnomes, we have some great mini piggies, turtles, chickens, geckos, monkeys, etc. you could make a miniature farm!

Joy said...

These fascinate me. My daughter made one in 2nd grade. She just finished 4th. It is doing great on our kitchen counter. It's in a 2liter bottle. I'd like to make one in a pretty container like these. You all made some very pretty ones.
We had one in the 70's when I was growing up. It was big. Looked kind of spaceshippish.


The Fern and Mossery said...

Too cute! Check out my blog for links and tips on how to keep your terrariums healthy and happy!


Sher said...

This is great. I'm going to propose it to my kids as a summer project.

amy said...

i might just have to bite the bullet and give this a try! i'm also finding myself strangely intrigued by this red rose tea with ceramic animals - i had never heard of that before!

Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

Terrariums look so fun! My dad had one for years that my mom gave him while they were dating. One of the plants ended up being a huge fern-type plant that they've kept & moved all these years. :)

Thanks for the offer of clothes. :) We don't know whether we're having a boy or a girl, yet. We'll find out when they baby is born. :) We do have some things saved from our daughter, but she was born in the winter (so, opposite season babies!). :)


Pink Dogwood said...

I've been blog-jumping and somehow ended up over here - maybe from Michelle's blog?? Anyway, love the terrariums! I'm off to put my own together. Thanks for the idea...Such fun.

I've been cruising through your other posts and love, love, love all the fabric. You've got great taste!