22 June 2009

Guest Blogging

Hi there! I'm guest blogging today over on the lovely Heather Jane's blog Living Senses. Come check out my Chicken post over there.

If you're visiting for the first time because you saw Heather's blog, welcome!

I'm Deb, a Midwestern Mennonite girl who grew up and moved to the Left Coast. I live in Portland, Oregon, with my husband (The Wise and Bearded One), my 3-month-old daughter (The Sprout), 2 dogs, and 4 chickens. I have a Real Job working in special education for a local school district, but here I blog about the creative things I'm doing (or wish I was doing) in my "spare" time. I fiddle around with sewing, quilting, painting, papercrafts and pretty much any other hands-on project that strikes my fancy. I'm also really interested in living a little more simply, a little closer to the land, and making a little less of an impact on the earth.

So, that's who I am. Please leave a comment and introduce yourself!

P.S. I'm playing around with a new header and some settings.....It's not going so well....will keep working on it.


Amy Menges said...

Love the colors of your new header!

Mary said...

Love it, Deb!

Brenda said...

Your blog looks great!

It was fun to see you grew up in a Midwestern Mennonite home. I grew up in Archbold, OH, in a Mennonite home.

I will check out your chicken post.

Jessica said...

I came this way via living senses....I love it! I'm going to have to come back and read some more later but I am so happy to have found you. I want chickens in my backyard terribly...soon I'll have them (fingers crossed!)

Ben said...

I enjoyed your "Guest Blog". Its great! Check out this new web site: www.locavorenetwork.com A new network of local sources.

Meg said...

Hi Deb! I found you through living senses and I loved the chicken blog! I've always wondered about raising my own chickens. I'll have to check back for your adventures in chicken raising! And I like the blog header!

Deena said...

I've actually been following your blog for a couple of months - I found you while searching on Flikr for freezer paper stencils. Your crafts are beautiful - very inspirational and congratulations on the new baby!