27 June 2009

Transition to Summer

I think I'm one of those people who just takes time to move from one activity or mode to the next. It's taken me two weeks to move from School Deb to Summer Deb--to be able to relax and think about things I want to do just for me on the long days of summer. And now I have to adjust my expectations of what can be done on any given day with the addition of the Sprout. It takes so much longer to get anything done with a 3 1/2 month old to tend to.

Other people like to make New Year's resolutions, but I tend to make my loftiest goals for the summer. I suppose other teachers think the same way.

Here's what I'd LIKE to get done this summer:
--re-pot all the houseplants
--paint the dining room back to a warm white (currently a poorly-painted red that I can't live with any more); patch and paint the trim in the living room
--make the obligatory doctor, dentist, vet appointments for all the members of the household (except the chicken)
--exercise every day--walk, bike, or yoga
--spend some time in meditation and prayer every day
--stay on top of the laundry EVERY day
--relax for a weekend at the coast
--get to know the other mamas in my neighborhood so we can network about baby-friendly activities and hang out in general (Hey, I'm well on my way with this one. The picture above is from brunch last week that I hosted for four other mamas and their babies from my neighborhood.)
--sew.....skirts for me, clothes for the Sprout, "Maker" items for my facebook friends
--finish Sprout's baby quilt
--paint or draw...just get some marks on paper for once instead of thinking about it
--take a class: either photography/Photoshop, painting, or machine quilting
--visit the family in Indiana in August
--repaint the lawn chairs
--gather and preserve some local food: blueberries, peaches (?), apples, etc. so the Sprout has food to eat this winter when she starts into the Real Food
--spend some quality time with my female friends

I'm trying to give myself the grace to realize that not all of these things will get done this summer with a baby and that is ok. Even when I don't feel like I'm getting anything done, I'm trying to remind myself that I am raising a beautiful, healthy, strong daughter and that is enough.

I have lots of half-finished blog posts in my head and in my drafts, so expect a flurry of posting in the next few days.
I made a new batch of laundry soap and saved my receipts so I could update this post including cost per load information. Less than 5 cents a load, baby!


Melanie said...

So I actually specifically remember the red wall in your dining room as a fun touch in your home--it really sticks out to me. I would say cut this one out of your massive list :)

Kathy Beachy said...

If you mark everything off your list by the end of the summer, I'd have to call you wonder woman!

heather jane said...

Okay. I'm going to try the laundry soap. I've just about used my last box up and then I'm on it.

And whew. I'm tired just reading that list of yours. You're right. That little sprout is the best way to spend your summer!! Don't be like me and try to do too much all the time. It's not good for anyone.

Thank you for the lovely guest post once again. I so enjoyed sharing it.

I waved at you on my way through Portland last week! We had so much fun at the coast. This time we went to Beverly Beach State Park. It was perfect, though I do love Manzanita, too.