05 August 2009

Question of the day: Magazines

What magazines do you subscribe to?

I adore magazines, especially glossy make-me-wanna-buy-stuff, eye-candy magazines. But I got sick of having piles of magazines stacking up and felt that it was an area of my life that I could simplify. I let all of my subscriptions go, and chose to use design and craft blogs for my eye candy and inspiration. The only subscription I miss right now is the O magazine. It's the most literate of the women's magazines that I've found and I often read it cover-to-cover. Even the sections that I strongly disagree with.

Lately I've been experimenting with internet magazines. They're free, they're multi-media, and they're total eye-candy. I miss paper though. I really do. You won't find me shelling out big bucks for a Kindle anytime soon.

Here are a couple of e-magazines I've found:
-- Parasol--Artists and Designers
-- LMNOP--An Australian mag for "hip, stylish parents and their children"
-- Small--more gorgeous stuff for the wee ones

Do you know of others? What do you think about internet magazines? What paper magazines do you find it worthwhile to continue to subscribe to? When you're stuck in an airport between flights, what magazine do you buy to get you through?

1 comment:

Joy said...

My two favorite magazines that I subscribed too have gone under this year. I'm so sad.
One was Backyard Living. So sad to see it go.
The other one was Pray magazine. It was a spiritual gift I loved to receive every other month. Great articles on prayer. I miss it too.

I haven't really searched out too much in the way of magazines online. I do check into CWO Christian Womanhood Online.
I read it occasionally.