26 August 2009

Bloggety Bloggety Blog

Yes, we have returned from vacation with the family in the hometown, and we have returned with a vengeance. Since I have a quasi-administrative job in a nearby school district the two weeks leading up to the school year are very busy--fielding phone calls from anxious parents, hunting down materials and curriculum and files for anxious teachers, getting teachers up to speed on new software, holding a few emergency IEP meetings, and on and on.

So blogging, especially crafty blogging, is going to remain a little slim for the rest of August. In the meantime I'll post a few interesting and inspiring things I've seen around the internets lately.

Thanks for stopping by to see what I have to say and enjoy those last little bits of summer!

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Stephanie Breuner said...

good luck with the new school year! Glad you had a good time visiting family.