09 August 2009

Wardrobe Refashioning

One thing I did get accomplished while home on leave with the Sprout was to clean through our clothes and coat closets and purge the stuff we're no longer wearing. Nice stuff got packed off to Goodwill. Stained, torn and otherwise battered stuff got ripped into cleaning rags. What was left was a box of miscellaneous t-shirts and stuff that has small flaws but interesting fabric. I'm thinking that some wardrobe refashioning might be coming my way. I've been seeing all these great posts about how to refashion t-shirts and dress shirts.

The first one I decided to tackle was this brown Old Navy shirt. I liked the light-weight fabric used for it, and thought it would be a great summer shirt. But I rarely wore it because the collar and three-quarter length sleeves made it feel a little more stuffy than my usual summer wear. So I decided to "refashion" it.

I carefully removed the collar and sewed the placket back together (placket? is that the right term? do you know what I mean?). I ripped out the sleeves and made little gathered things (now, what would you call THEM?). The armholes were much too big once the sleeves were gone so I sewed a few darts to try to gather them up and keep the arm hole from gaping too badly.

I'm not in love with the final product, but, heh, it was FREE. And I'll see if I get a little bit more use out of it now that is has been "refashioned".


Stephanie Breuner said...

I think it looks really cute. I especially like the flutter ruffled sleeves

heather jane said...

Cute, Deb! I'm working on getting gutsy enough to do some refashioning. And my how I need to do some purging. Yikes!

Joy said...

You are such an inspiration. Now I'm going Hmmmmmm what can I find in my closet that sits there that I could make some changes.
Love what you did to the shirt.


Kathy Beachy said...

I'm impressed! However, not inspired in anyway to tackle such a project.

Cottonista said...

Great job! I've got some clunky shirts that could use a little help. Never would have thought about refashioning, but now I've got some ideas fluttering around in my head--scary thing!

tabitha jane said...

SO CUTE!! i love your craftieness