01 August 2009

Made: Amy Butler's Comfy Jumper Dress

This is The Comfy Jumper Dress from Little Stitches for Little Ones. I am so in love with this "Spotted Owl" fabric from Alexander Henry that I bought it in several different colorways. You can be sure you'll see it again around her.

I used the pattern pieces from Amy Butler, but, as usual, I find her written directions a bit confusing. I skipped a whole section about a "front band" and a "back band" because I just didn't get it. I also finished it more carefully on the inside so there are no exposed seams against baby's skin. The directions left some of the seams exposed which doesn't make sense to me if you're going to fully line it anyway. It's not that much more work to finish it with the seam allowances to the inside (Does that make sense? I'm not used to writing much about HOW I sew.)

I made the 9-12 month size so it would be big enough to get plenty of wear out of it. I figure the Sprout can wear it over a long-sleeve t-shirt and leggings this winter.

I also made bloomers out of some tangerine colored Amy Butler fabric that goes great with the owls (see post above for photo). Too bad the dress is so long that you can't see the bloomers :)

Things I would do differently next time: The whole bodice is just odd with the buttons on the back side and the odd notch down the middle in the front. I think I might try to draft my own bodice and switch the buttons to the front, make the neck a tad deeper, and get rid of the "notch". I also realize that making a drooling baby's bodice out of linen is probably a mistake. Every little drop of spittle shows up instantly. Ah well, it's still pretty darn cute, if you ask me.


We're leaving for vacation to visit our family in the Midwest. I had a bunch of half-finished "draft" posts sitting around so I'll be scheduling them to post while I'm gone. Happy August!


Joy said...

Oh my Goodness! She is adorable and the outfit is tooooo cute! Good job mom!
I love it spittle and all.


Holli said...

You've outdone yourself, Deb. The garment and BABY are both precious! Hope you are enjoying some time visiting family/friends.

heather jane said...

Oh for cute. I LOVE the fabrics you've chosen once again, and I totally agree with you on the notch and buttons. You're version will be more practical and not very hard to make up on your own.

Cute, cute, cute! Have a great vacation!

kate so said...

The jumper is too cute! One of my dear friends just made a quilt out of the different colors from the "Spotted Owl" fabric. It was amazing.

I found your blog via Nathalie and Rod. They just spent the night here. Your handy work is fantastic and I love reading about your family projects/adventures. Peace.