26 September 2009

Photographing the Forest Floor





We went hiking last weekend on Bald Mountain. While the hubs is busy toting around the Sprout and admiring the trees and the views, I can hardly take my eyes off the forest floor. In part, this is because I'm a total clutz and I HAVE to watch the path or I'll trip and tumble off the mountain. But it also indicates my complete fascination with lichens, mosses and mushrooms. I shot a lot of terrible, blurry pictures but here's a few that aren't too bad. I really want a macro lens for my good camera....someday. In the meantime I need to learn the patience to hold still for the longer exposures necessary for low light situations in the woods. Patience....someday.


heather jane said...

Not too bad? I think these need to become a set of postcards! There's my official request. Like you have time for that, right?!

Gorgeous, Deb.

Melody Stuckey said...

Very cool pictures!

beemer said...

Beautiful photos! Nature is fascinating. Remember the dinner-plate-size mushrooms in the backyard?

Amy Menges said...

These are beautiful! Glad to see you're using your creativity any way you can! I want to live where forest floors hold wonderful treasures like these! Ahhh.....

Joy said...

Love all these details that you have shared with us. God is so into the details isn't He.
Beautiful pictures.


Andrea + Mike said...

Love your photos! They definitely put me in the right mindset for the upcoming wet weather! Got to love the rain that keeps Portland so green!