11 January 2010

Crib Quilt, part I

Almost one year ago, I started piecing wonky log cabin blocks for a crib quilt for the Sprout. In the evenings after a long day in the schools, I would drag my pregnant body to the sewing machine and put together a block. I intended for the finished quilt to have 12 blocks and I worked slowly and steadily up until block 9. And then two things happened: 1) block 9 was really ugly and I got stuck on it, and 2) I had a baby.

Fast forward to January 2010. I am determined to finish this crib quilt while she is still in a CRIB for goodness' sake! I still had the first 9 blocks hanging on the wall in my studio/office (also known as Craft Hell because I am tormented by it's disorder). I finally decided to just throw out block 9 and piece a new block. And I did. And then I didn't feel like piecing any more wonky log cabin blocks. So I didn't.

Here's the top to the crib quilt. All 9 blocks of it. The light situation these days in the Pacific Northwest is just pathetic, so let's pretend that this quilt top is perfectly pressed and that the sunlight is streaming in from the window on the left, ok? Squint your eyes a little bit, it helps. There you go.

More coming soon, peeps.


Cristin said...

Deb, its gorgeous! You little one is going to love it I'm sure! I look forward to seeing the finished Crib Quilt! I'm due at the end of March and I'm in the processing of making a crib quilt too... I'd LOVE to have it done by the end of this month so I can move on to the other bazillion sewing projects I want to do for the nursery... so we'll see!

Holli said...

Oh Wow, Deb! It's beautiful. Can't wait to see the further progression.

Lise said...


My plans for a crib quilt were de-railed by the sheer number of lovely blankets my daughter was given at showers...so my goal became a twin-bed quilt. I'm now 1 month from her first birthday (my goal) with oh, about 30 blocks to go. Yikes!

wendy said...

That is so beautiful I want to cry! And someday, someone's going to proudly say "my grandma made it; it's been passed down..." and that is priceless!

heather jane said...

love, love, love, love, love, love, love.

I really like that quilt. Did you get that?! You're motivating me as we speak!!!

Brenda said...

Good for you! You could finish it off as a square and use it as a small table covering or a wall hanging. It is beautiful! Congrats on getting this far.

Library Gal Quilts said...

its beautiful! What a good cute happy quilt! Pam