06 January 2010

Umm...Yeah...I'm a Little Slow

Ummm....so.....I'm about to post about a project that I started long ago. So very, very long ago. Let's jog your memory.

Remember these inspiration quilts?

And remember this stack of fabric?

You say you don't remember them!? Well, maybe that's because I started talking about this project in NOVEMBER 2008! And, yes, I've had a baby between then and now, but really that is NO EXCUSE for taking this long on a project.

Now that I've jogged your memory, stay tuned for updates on this work in progress later this week.


Note to self: You blogged about it. Now you'd better go work on it. People are watching. Come on now! Scat!


heather jane said...

I have many of those same fabrics waiting to become a quilt...or something else wonderful. And now I just received a pile of Anna Maria Horner Garden Party fabrics in the mail.


Can't wait to see what you'll do.

Cristin said...

You go girl! Can't wait to see what that stack becomes... *I'm watching!* hehe

Jessica said...

I give myself that "encouragement" as well---I get things done fast when I blog about it!