01 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, all! I am not much of one for New Year's resolutions. Mostly I think that's because my year seems to run on the school year calendar and so this is really the middle of the year for me....hard to get excited about too many new goals or ambitions when I feel like I've got so much on my plate. But there are two things I want to accomplish this year:

1.) Clean my craft room/studio/home office affectionately known as "craft hell". This may actually take the entire year because I am completely intimidated by the task.

2.) Write a better story with my life. I like the way Don Miller talks about this on his blog and in his book A Thousand Miles in a Hundred Years. I'm still thinking about what kind of stories I want to tell this year......ride a serious bicycle ride? hike a real hike? start an etsy shop? plan a party (so I have to finish some projects around the house)? join a service organization? take some post-grad classes? Any suggestions out there?


Michelle said...

I will always vote for a party!

cara. said...

i, too, will vote for a party (:

this is interesting you write about this. a friend and i were just talking about this very thing--don miller even! and how he talks about the story. after katie nolan's memorial service, i was really challenged to take a hold of my story--to make it.

anyways, i like where you are going. i read an old entry of yours (with both "christianese and oprahnese" ) talking about lifegiving. i am discovering that we are more and more alike.

heather jane said...

Take a hike. Ride you bike. Sit and look at the Sprout. Enjoy the mundane...now that would be a story to tell, but don't start an ETSY shop. At least not at this stage of your life.

That's my two cents. Life is very short, and the story ends up being pretty rich when we just live with our eyes wide open and attempt to be mindful.

heather jane said...

p.s. ( I know you already try to do this...)