04 January 2010

Links for the Week

-I am very tempted to buy this e-book: Make It! Midcentury Modern
-But I can read Lonny for free! The "replacement" magazine for Domino has arrived!
-In Lonny there was a beautiful earthy modern apartment designed by Brad Ford, so I was introduced to his blog: Design Therapy. I love his organic, clean-lined aesthetic (oooh! big words!).
-Check out Betsy Maddox's gorgeous dining room on Design Sponge. I don't usually like wall paper but I have that dining room set or one very similar and I think it looks striking against the green.

I've blogged about my love of Heath pottery before. Here's the newest addition to my collection from the Wise and Bearded One this Christmas. I love it. I think I maybe even kissed it once. Really. I know that is totally insane, but it is the perfect size and shape and color--a warm mossy green.

1 comment:

andrew said...

most of the time your projects on bee's nest go whooshing right over my head, but that's one sweet piece of pottery.