01 February 2010

Links for the Week

Some things I'm loving right now:
--This guy makes cool stuff for his kids and he's an artist and lives in Portland.
--Must make this for the Sprout: The 90 Minute Shirt
--I believe a person's bookshelf is a biographical sketch. Jane Mount does too.
--This TED talk about optical illusions (via Simply Robin) boggles my mind. Some day I hope to study color theory more thoroughly.
--Continuing my map obsession, Cara sent me a link to these great rugs.

Here's hoping you're having a great week!

I'M hoping to get some crafting done. If I could just keep myself from collapsing onto the couch at the end of the day....


cara. said...

soooo good.

emily* said...

That dollhouse is amazing!

tabitha jane said...

i've been climbing straight in to bed when i get home from work lately . . . hoping to use tomorrow for some craft time . . .