08 March 2010

Hey there, world!

Dear blog readers, if you still exist,

I have been a bad blogger. Instead of blogging I have worked full time, done a kazillion loads of laundry, kept food in the frig, and cleaned the main floor of the house thoroughly (we won't talk about the basement or my upstairs office/studio). Instead of blogging, I sewed a couple of cunning little girl pinafores and jumpers, finished a crib quilt and had a painting afternoon with friends. Instead of blogging, I kept a toddler from destroying the computer keyboard, putting all of her toys in the toilet, and emptying all the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom (repeatedly). Instead of blogging, I organized and hosted a one-year birthday party. Instead of blogging, I lived.

So, if you're still checking this blog occasionally, thank you. I don't promise more frequent posts or more inspiring ideas. Instead, I intend to keep being a bad blogger, but a good live-r.

Live well,


cara. said...

now that's beautiful.

Holli said...

I'm still with you, Deb...and loving that you are living. Me too!

heather jane said...

Live on, friend! That's what we're up to as well. But I really must see these cunning little girl clothes. maybe if I wander over to Barkdust they will be there via birthday party photos? If not...I'm very, very patient.

Enjoy the day.

Joy said...

Glad to hear things have been busy but well with you. Don't worry one bit. This blogging thing will be here and we'll be here when you have time to visit.
I'd love to see your creations.
♥ Joy

tabitha jane said...

love you!

Lise said...

When I started blogging, I told myself I was doing it for me, and therefore I would never have to be apologetic if I didn't post. I'd post when I could and not feel guilty when I didn't. It doesn't always work, but I try not to have guilt. Do what feels right and good to you. We'll be here.

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog today!

Mary A. Miller said...

Life is for living! :)