30 July 2010

Japanese Sewing Class: Love!

I am in love with Modern Domestic! I took my first class there over the past three weeks--a class on sewing with Japanese pattern books--and it was fabulous. For those non-Portlanders, Modern Domestic is sewing studio/workroom with really great sewing machines, sergers, irons, etc. for your use. It's always fun to meet other people who share your interests, especially relatively arcane ones like an interest in Japanese sewing books. The class was relaxed and friendly but there was a certain amount of intensity as everyone worked to draft their patterns, cut, stitch and steam while still trying to find a bit of time to chat.


I loved this tunic dress that Daniela had in the window as a sample, so I made a very similar one but I don't have any good pictures of me in it yet. The Wise and Bearded One is working late these days on a deadline so I'll try to get him to take one of me over the weekend.

It's late and I know I won't be able to write articulately so I'm just going to post some photos here for now.

Of course, a little saki helps ease the Japanese sewing along....


Anonymous said...

So glad you loved your class so much! Listening to you all made me want to be in it, and then to see all your beautiful finished work, just beautiful. I hope you all do get the Japanese Sewing Club/Group started soon, I will have to join in for sure.

Mary A. Miller said...

Sounds (and looks) like fun!

Miss Prickly said...

Such cool photos..thanks for writing a post! I'm excited to see your finished dress.

elle + josh said...

ooh! i have yet to take a class over there... & it's right in my neighborhood! it'd be fun to take one together sometime! i'll have to head over to their site & check out their class list. the japanese sewing class looks so fun! i share your enthusiasm over that one...

figgys said...

Mom had such a great time!
I love seeing her up on your blog!