22 July 2010

Sewing Knits: Fail!


I like it when other artists and crafters show the Projects-That-Didn't-Turn-Out, so I thought I would show you one of my first attempts at sewing knits this spring.

This was my attempt at the 90-Minute Shirt from Made and then a pair of yoga pants that fit well that I tried to trace off and recreate. First of all I cut up a onesy that was too small for the Sprout and used that to trace the shirt pattern. I thought I compensated by adding to the center fold to increase the size but apparently I didn't compensate enough. Result: instant belly shirt that immediately rides up. I also put the front and the back shoulders together incorrectly so it just looks WRONG. And, somehow, I ended up making the pants much too long. But that's ok, because she's growing like a weed so they'll fit just fine some day soon.

This was sewn from my pile of discarded t-shirts so I didn't feel too bad that it is a complete flop. Plus the Sprout can wear them as pajamas and no one will ever see them in the light of day.

I'd like to attempt the 90-Minute Shirt again because the IDEA was good. It's just the execution that stunk :)


Sarah said...

i've been wanting to make one of those shirts. you don't have to be a little munchkin to wear them do you? yeah maybe you do. dang.

emily* said...

Knits are hard! I'm in the midst of a dress from weekend sewing that seems to be heading toward the FAIL pile.

Despite the flaws that only you notice she's sure got some cute free pajamas, you can't beat that!!

Cottonista said...

HA!! Thanks for sharing. I had a terrible knit FAIL last winter with some pajamas for my daughter. I didn't have a pattern, so I cut apart a shirt that had fit her well and tried to make it bigger. It turned out way too wide and too short. The pants kept falling off her, and she would have to grab them off her ankles and yank them up all the time. She still loved them, though...

wendy said...

I love the fabrics! And Sarah, I have a shirt like that! It has decorative buttons on the shoulder and always looks good (on others too, I mean). It's my favorite shirt.